Boundary and contour survey Conducted in Kerry


1 A boundary Survey confirms the exact location of existing boundaries


2 Proposed boundaries should be clarified by the customer at this stage


3 The site boundaries of a proposed site should be cross checked against folio maps.


4 Across check against folio maps will confirm the position re legal ownership and clarify the situation re way leaves and underground pipe work.


5 The survey will also clearly identify the location of any unusual features on the proposed site.


6 Where a site waste water system is required the invert levels of percolation area should be established as per E.P.A recommendations.


7 The percolation test must be carried out at proposed invert level to ensure the ground is suitable at this location.


8 Site that appear level will often have significant variations in levels and their variations must be captured.


9 Evaluation of the unique contours of the site will help pinpoint the optimum location of the inlet levels of the proposed percolation area.


10 The contour data generates a contour survey map.


11 The contour survey map provides the critical information to create a preliminary site layout plan.


12 The optimum location and floor level of the proposed house can be set out on site plan with the benefit of contour map.


13 The waste water system layout can then be designed in relation to the house location and unique contours of the site.



14 The invert level of the percolation area can then be established which pinpoints the location for the percolation test.