Preliminary Site Assessment

Preliminary Site Assessment

TMG recommend the completion of a preliminary site assessment which would consist of following KEY POINTS:


1 A PSA establishes if site is potentially suitable for a site waste water system.


2 A PSA involves the procurement of bedrock, aquifer, soil and vulnerability.


3 A visual inspection of site will establish the impact of existing wells treatment system/septic tanks and percolation areas


4 Site inspections will also clarify the suitability of the contours with regards to falls etc and the impact they might have on potential Pollution of neighbouring properties.


5 The potential flood risks should be established as this would have a significant impact on development potential.


6 Sites position with regard to natural outfall should be established during the inspection.


7 An assessment of vegetation on-site will provide a crucial insight into the soil quality.


8 The impact of neighbouring agricultural operations on the site and natural outfalls should be examined.


9 The PSA should consider any other issues that could impact on the suitability of proposes site.



When the preliminary site assessment is completed TMG will discuss the report with Customer and proceed accordingly.