Define the customer objectives

Overview of customer and architecture objectives

Architecture objectives are the goals and limitations that shape your architecture and design process, scope of project be it a house or extension, and help you to determine when you are finished. Consider the following key points as you identify your architecture objectives:

  • Understand your architecture goals at the start. The amount of time you spend in each phase of architecture and design will depend on these goals. Are you building a house, garage, or applying for planning or on a long-running architectural process for a new application?
  • Understand who will use your architecture. Determine if your architecture will be used by others. Consider the needs of your audience to make your architecture more successful.
  • Understand your constraints. Determine your building constraints, usage constraints, and deployment constraints. Understand your constraints at the start so that you do not waste time or encounter surprises later in your application development process.

Scope and Time of your Architectural Design

Architecture objectives are not the same as your application requirements. Architectural objectives are goals you want to achieve in the architecture and design process. For instance, is your goal to build a house.

Or perhaps your goal is to build a full design for a new application.

Your Purpose and Priorities

Use your architecture objectives to clearly define the purpose and priorities of your application.

So possible purposes are:

  • Full application design?
  • Build models?
  • Identify risks?
  • Check models for risks and understanding?

Each will result in a different emphasis during design, time commitment, and will impact the results and design documentation that comes out of the process. Our architecture design will spend your time and energy identifying authentication scenarios, constraints on your authentication architecture, and possible authentication technology choices. If you are building a larger design, authentication will be just one of many other concerns you address and document solutions for.

Architecture design objectives:

  • Get feedback
  • Map location of elements of your house